This is a low cost method of decorating plastic parts wherein a silicone pad transmits the desired image to the plastic part.  From the artwork supplied by the customer or developed by Rebling Plastics, an engraved plate commonly referred to as a “cliché” is made which contains an etched image of the desired artwork. Ink is then spread onto this plate and removed leaving the wet ink only in the etched areas.  A silicone pad then picks up the ink in the etched area and transmits this image to the plastic part.

Pad printing is a versatile method of imprinting on irregular shaped items.


The melted or softened particulated impact the prepared surface, flatten and bond to the substrate building-up to create a dense, well bonded coating. with this step, your product will be protected.

SPRAY COATING, Best finishing, Special Material, Adapt yo your material Basic, Protect it and always Eye Catching.


Vector-based Laser Marking Software. Vector-based laser marking, which holds the largest market share today, relies on galvanometer scanner heads. The laser beam is reflected from two scan mirrors and can be positioned anywhere within the marking field, following any desired path. Running on a standard PC, the laser marking software controls the scan mirrors and switches the beam on and off as required.

LASER MARKING, One of our manufacturing activity,